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    Team Productivity Center JIRA Issue Permissions

      So, I have been trying to understand how TPC knows whether a user is able to edit an issue inside of TPC or not? I have a two users on TPC and a corresponding accounts in JIRA. Both the TPC accounts are the same. However, only one of the accounts on JIRA belongs to the jira-administrators group. It is this TPC / JIRA pairing which will allow me to edit an issue inside of TPC. Even if I add additional JIRA project permissions I am not able to edit the JIRA item. The only way is if I add the user to the jira-administrators group which appears to be the same as some of the other groups we have project permissions setup for?

      Second, it appears that the assignee and reporter fields do not work. I can view this information, but if I try to change it, the value goes to unassigned. When using the assignee or reporter LOVs, nothing shows up.

      Using JDeveloper and JIRA 5.1

      Thoughts? Pointers to documentation?


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          So, I made some progress with the assignee and reporter fields. The users MUST be in the jira-users group. In our case, we don't have users in our jira-users. It seems that this is hard coded into the application. It would be ideal if this could be configured in the Team Administration screens.

          I still don't know why I am not able to edit an issue. I am guessing it is hard coding the jira-administrators group usages as well. Ideally, this should be using the project permission scheme to edit an issue (yourself) or edit all issues for a project.

          This may mean we have some limitations on how we can use TPC and JIRA together. I just wish this was documented better...