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      1) We have package body and specification, inside of the package we are writing procedure to insert some thing to a table, if we delete the table, the above package will valid or not?

      2) We have package and we have grants to execute that package inside of that we have table, here we don’t have privileges to this table? Whether this table will execute or not?

      3) Can we have the same procedure names in spec and body ?

      Please i want it urgent !!!
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          Please i want it urgent !!!
          And I want world peace.

          This forum is not a chat line, and it is not paid support.

          Everyone here has a job for which they are paid, and this forum is not it.

          No one is responsible for monitoring it and giving a quick response.

          Furthermore, it is a global forum. The person with the information you seek may very well live 20 time zones away from you and was going to bed just as you posted. He will not even see your post for several more hours.

          Your original post went up in the middle of the night for half the world.

          No one with the information you seek is deliberately withholding it until you sound sufficiently desperate.

          Second, because of my first point, there is no "urgent" here.
          "Urgent" means one of two things -

          1) people are dying, or

          2) you have a customer-facing, revenue-producing production system that is down.
          (And to get some perspective on the second case, keep the first in mind.)

          For the first, you call whatever civil emergency service seems appropriate.

          For the second, you open an SR with Oracle - which requires a paid-up support contract. For them to consider your problem "urgent", you will need to demonstrate that your problem falls under item #2. I seriously doubt your problem fits that criteria.