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    Simple??? Want "INSERT" function to return blank space after a field, how?


      Am I just having a brain fart? I have a situation where I have a field that needs to return just one space, or a value that has a space before and after it.


      In the text ==> I am<field>going to the office. <-- notice no space between am, <field> and going

      I want it to say if FALSE, then "I am *not* going to the office."
      If true, then "I am going to the office."

      If true, I'm simply RETURN(""); <-- This returns a blank space

      If FALSE, I have tried:

      RETURN(" " & ret & " ");

      This returns "I am notgoing to the office". <-- Notice no blank space after "not"?

      I've tried

      ret2=(" " & ret);
      RETURN(Insert(ret2, 3, " "));

      Still the same result. What's strange is, if I do a RETURN(Insert(ret2, *2*, " "));, then it returns "I am no tgoing to the office" <-- Notice the space between the "o" and the "t"?