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    EM 12c cloud control licensing

      Hi all,
      I have some questions about EM 12c licensing.
      Is EM 12c free, as long as it is used to monitor Oracle targets (i.e. Oracle Linux servers and Oracle dbs) without any additional Management Pack?
      Does the use od Metric Extensions require additional licensing?
      thank you.
      I did not find such informations in the docs ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/license.121/e24474/toc.htm )

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          Daryl E.
          Funny the doc contains everything but the obvious? I dont see it mentioned but I thought it was free with an enterprise edition db purchase. There is no price in the price list, thats always my first clue.

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            Did you try looking at the following chapter? What exactly is missing?

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              Daryl E.
              I said I didn't see it .. but 1 sentence in the 10th and final Chapter, that its free.. You would think that should be front and center in the doc about licensing.. HEY USE ME .. ITS FREE!! Yahoo!!

              Thanks for pointing out the line.
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                Not all of EM is free, just part of its are. But we will consider moving the chapter upfront.
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                  I was looking at the old document (the 12c R1 licensing information): this is why I did not find these informations. thank you for your update.
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                    if got the following inforamtion from cloud control for metric extension page.      

                    This Page requires either of the following pack(s):

                    Management Pack for Oracle Coherence
                    Application Management Pack for Fusion Applications
                    Oracle WebCenter Portal Management Pack
                    WLS Management Pack EE
                    SOA Management Pack EE
                    Management Pack Plus for Identity Management
                    Management Pack for Non-Oracle Middleware
                    Oracle BI Management Pack
                    System Monitoring Plug-in for Non-Oracle Databases
                    Database Diagnostics Pack

                    License Information


                    Sorry, i think it isn't free.

                    Best regards