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    Fields causing 1 extra space between IT and the last text?

      We've been coding the forms like this: This is a <field> day. <-- notice the space between "a" and <field> and the field and the "day".

      What's being produced is "This is a__crappy day." <-- notice two spaces between "a" and "crappy". (note, I can't even put two spaces side by side in this forum so I did the underscore)

      This has been developed across many forms and I'm wondering what you guys think would be the best way to resolve this? I'd rather not have to go to each field in each form and remove the first space between the word before the field, and the field.

      is there some sort of global setting that should fix this? thoughts?

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          calittle - oracle
          I hesitate to ask, since it's one of those "did you plug it in" questions, but...

          Have you verified that there isn't an extra space in the incoming field data? Have you ensured that the data isn't being manipulated by DAL script or other means to change the value?

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            Thanks for asking Andy. Appreciate it.

            I'll have to double check. We have a mix of some coming directly from the xml and some involves us doing some DAL logic before returning the final value.

            There are some that we are intentionally returning some blank spaces before and after the field. I just want to be clear, because these are SPECIFICALLY the fields that has to return NOTHING if one situation, and return a blank space, followed by the field, followed by another blank space for the negative. My other post was answered by a member here. These are only 5% of our fields though.

            95% of our fields are straight XML or we're manipulating it but we're NOT intentionally adding a blank space before or after the field. We just want to process it, and then return it.

            I'll go back to double check to see if we have a pattern. Maybe only the DAL processed ones are doing this. Maybe it's xml fed values too.

            Thanks for asking!