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    Remote Invocation Service - doesn't require proxy-side InvocationService?


      I'm adding an Extend*Client to a mature cluster. The client should be able to submit Invocables to the cluster. On the client side (.NET), I've defined a <remote-cache-scheme> and a <remote-invocation-scheme> in my client cache config. Invocables are submitted to the InvocationService.

      On the server side, I've set up a proxy node, and defined a custom cache config for it with a <proxy-scheme> (service-name: ExtendTcpProxyService) and an <invocation-scheme> (service-name: QueryInvocationService).

      It works. However, looking through my proxy's logs, I see that all work is being done on ExtendTcpProxyService -- none on QueryInvocationService! Looking at the proxy via JConsole while querying from my client, I see tasks, consumed threads, etc on the ProxyService -- and again, none on the QueryInvocationService.

      Googling around, I saw Jonathan Knight's first response at Invocation Service Thread Count
      "As you have seen, if you use a Remote Invocation Service from an Extend client that invocation executes on the Proxy Service on the Extend Proxy node, not on an Invocation Service on the Extend Proxy node. So to scale it all you can do is increase the thread count of the Extend Proxy. "

      If that's the expected behavior, do I actually need the invocation-scheme (QueryInvocationService) at all on my proxy? It seems completely useless.


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