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    How to prepend or redirect context path to explicit path Webcenter portal

    Cuong Pham
      Hi everyone.

      I deployed a application with context-path is ubck to weblogic server. So, I have to enter an additional context after root to access that application. For example:
      If my server has address at "http://myserver:7003", I have to enter "http://myserver:7003/ubck" to access that application.

      After that, I tried to compile/build a Apache HTTPD v2.2 server to load balancing between managed servers. My application can access via "http://webtier/ubck" at this time.

      My question is how to setup auto prepend "ubck" to my application path. It mean that if I entered http://webtier/, I will redirect or can access my application.

      My webcenter portal application cannot change context path to /.
      So what is the solutions ?