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        I respect and read all your comment/advice/explainantion on my post. And that is all I come here for.

        All your reply is clear and make sense. The thing is that all your explaination is also on documments/books, which we I already read carefully before I come here. That does not mean I did not read your explaination or advice. I did read (more than once) them, then re-read documents/books parts relating to the issue. I am really appriciated.

        The problem is on my side. Perhaps, I do not point out the issue clearly, as the result, your explaination is about the suface of the issue, not the core of the issue I am looking for. That may make you think I ignore your explaination when I keep ask questions that you think you already answer/explain. That is my fault. I am sorry.

        However, your explaination helps me to come back to look at the issue as the whole picture of Oracle Architecture. I find out that the issue is much more complicated than I thought. I am working on that, and will come back later with my conclusion and expect reviews from you.

        Thanks again
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          Please don't apologize as I am not knowing all about Oracle db and can explain to only the extent I know about the things( or I think I know about them) . I am sorry that I coudln't answer properly but I am sure, our Guru's over here like Jonathan, Hemant, Justin, Rp would explain whenever they would have a look at the thread.


          PS: Thanks for the kind words!
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            That's sort of what confuses me. I thought I did explain in my last reply when I provided a reference to an almost identical example from the Oracle docs. ;)
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              Yeah and I think that I did explain whatever little possible and I know to make the doubt but it seems that OP is looking for some really deep stuff and I am not sure what :-) .

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