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    Portlet inside Webcenter Framework Application


      I need to implement portlet functionality of editing and moving around components in my webcenterframework application. i went through the cue cards, and all possible oracle documents. i am not able to figure it out. Able to follow till registering portlet in the webcenter framework application. But where to write the logic/code of what content we want inside portlet.?

      For example say i have testFramework webcenter framework application and portletproducer application testPortlet. Inside the myPage.jspx present in testFramework application after importing the portlets i created, Where to write in the code. and i need to cal/invoke webservices from myPage.jspx to display the response in the Portlets. so Where Should i have to create the pages? In which application? How to Go about it.. Can i Please get some links or blogs to go about this or sample application?

      Thank You