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    Reg:OWB 11g Target


      I'm new to OWB 11g, recently installed OWB 11g in my physical machine(database in my physical machine itself),since I defined source DB which is running in another machine that to in linux, I have created one target user in that linux machine DB,I created one dimension company and given mapping all works fine, but when I start deploying sequence,table and dimension till that working fine,when I try to deploy mapping,actually getting an error like
      RPE-01012: Cannot deploy PL/SQL maps to this target schema. The target schema must be in the same instance as the Control Center and have the OWB_USER role granted. Please use the OWB Security UI to make the target schema be an OWB User.
      I try to debug the error for that I need to add the target user into user list but actually my target user is in another oracle DB how do I need to add to proceed further..

      Appreciate your quick response !