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    Strange Intermittent Issue with LOV

    Harmeet Saini

      I have a strange problem with my LOV's on one of my screens. When I select a value from LOV(af:inputComboboxListOfValues) and tab out, it works fine. But if I copy and paste a text value which is otherwise present in the LOV list data source and then tab out then sometimes an exception is thrown.

      oracle.jbo.SQLStmtException: JBO-27122: SQL error during statement preparation. Statement: SELECT /*+ FIRST_ROWS */ * FROM (SELECT DISTINCT SOURCE_FILE_NAME FROM PROCESS_MASTER ORDER BY 1) QRSLT WHERE ( ( (SOURCE_FILE_NAME LIKE ( REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(:vc_temp_1,'\','\\'),'%','\%'),'_','\_') || '%') ESCAPE '\') ) )

      Caused by: java.sql.SQLDataException: ORA-01424: missing or illegal character following the escape character

      I have ensured that the value pasted in the LOV is exactly the same as present in the LOV data source.
      This problem is intermittent. It does not always come.
      The query looks fine to me and is working perfectly in another system having the same setup.

      Can there be a problem related to a particular system?

      Similar kind of problem is mentioned in another forum post by a user
      Unexpected ORA-01424

      JDEV : Studio Edition Version
      Build JDEVADF_11.
      Database Oracle 11g