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    problem in trinidad-config file

      Hi all ,
      I faced a problem in the trinidad-config file when i put the value
      *<right-to-left> true </right-to-left>*
      the components ( Input Text , Buttons , Region , .... )
      in my template ( which i import from Jar File ) is not appeared in the design
      , but in run time it's good and justified correct from Right to Left .
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          Is the trinidad-config file part of the template ADF library JAR or the assembling application ? I am not sure that JDeveloper resolves configuration files in JAR files. Try adding the <right-to-left> true </right-to-left> in the trinidad config file of the assembling application If this doesn't work then it sounds like an issue with the JDeveloper visual editor in which case the JDeveloper version would be interesting to know