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Insert statements hanaging

oradba11 Newbie
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I am working on Oracle on AIX with 2 node rac.
We are facing some issues that all insert statements are hanging on the database and if we checked there are multipal tables are in locked mode.
For all tables mode held is Row-X (SX) and mode requested is none.
If we check blocking others it is showing global...This all happen after deleteing few rows in the tables.
In awr reports top wait event it is showing as db sequential read..
Any idea wht is happing on the database and how can i check further to resolve the issue..
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    Osama_Mustafa Oracle ACE
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    did you generate explain Plan to check what happened !! if you yes post it here
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    Dom Brooks Guru
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    If you want to check database performance look at AWR.

    If you want to look at what individual sessions are doing, what they are waiting on, who they are waiting on, etc, look at v$session for current information and, for recent past actiivity, v$active_session_history/dba_hist_active_sess_history / ash report.

    "Hanging" is a term broadly used. In general your sessions are either waiting or working. Find out which of these is the most significant, as per above, and address.

    In summary, further analysis required.
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    moreajays Pro
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    Hi ,

    There could be due to missing indexes on FK constraint columns , if found any table in below query relevant to your problematic inserts then plan creating index on the same

    SET pages 56 lines 132 feedback off
    TTITLE ' Foreign Constraints and Columns Without an Index on Child Table'
    SELECT acc.owner
    || '-> '
    || acc.constraint_name
    || '('
    || acc.column_name
    || '['
    || acc.position
    || '])' "Owner, Name, Column, Position",acc.table_name
    FROM all_cons_columns acc, all_constraints ac
    WHERE ac.constraint_name = acc.constraint_name
    AND ac.constraint_type = 'R'
    AND (acc.owner, acc.table_name, acc.column_name, acc.position) IN
    (SELECT acc.owner, acc.table_name, acc.column_name, acc.position
    FROM all_cons_columns acc, all_constraints ac
    WHERE ac.constraint_name = acc.constraint_name
    AND ac.constraint_type = 'R'
    SELECT table_owner, table_name, column_name, column_position
    FROM all_ind_columns)
    ORDER BY ACC.owner, ACC.constraint_name, ACC.column_name, ACC.position;

    Ajay More


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