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    JAX-WS PL/SQL  Web Service with JDeveloper (Weblogic problem)


      does anyone know how to create a JAX-WS webservice based on a pl-sql package using JDeveloper? Maybe it is possible with a newer version of JDeveloper, currently I'm using which only offers a JAX-RPC for PlSql Web services.

      I'm facing a problem right now trying to deploy an jax-rpc web service on Weblogic 10.3.4. Actually it seems to be an WebLogic problem because weblogic doesn't support the older standard (JAX-RPC). So I've extended the weblogic domain using Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard like described for example here . Unfortunately it doesn't help. Deploying my applicaiton on a forms11g ( domain (which goes hand in hand with the weblogic domain (?)) is successful. But anyway I can't call the WSDL or test the web service using weblogic console. Other services (jax-ws) work without any problem on the same forms domain.

      I would appreciate any hint, how to automatically produce an jax-ws web service from an plsql package or how to run a jax-rpc web service on weblogic 10.3.4. It's Weblogic Basic Server actually, but I'm of the opinion it doesn't play a role in my case.

      Thank you in advance for your hints.

      Kind regards,

      Edit: I would appreciate any hint how to check if a weblogic domain supports jax-rpc (if extended correctly). Thanks.