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    Custom Escalation


      I am trying to implement custom escalation in my BPM Process as I need to escalate the process that has not been attended for x days, to a Role.
      The task will be assigned to a different person by the role the task is escalated to. I believe the only way is to implement custom escalation.

      I have tried going through some of the oracle documentations but there doesn't seem to be one document that can clearly say what are the
      steps involved and how to go about doing this with a clear example.

      Please help.

      Environment i am on Jdeveloper

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Dan Atwood
          Others will have additional approaches and guessing you might have already looked at this, but one you might consider is to use a boundary timer catch event that is set to interrupt on your Interactive activity. Change the human task associated with the Interactive activity to go to someone else by checking its "Exclude previous performers" checkbox.

          You might be thinking you can't have a sequence flow loop back into the same activity, but you could have the timer's sequence flow go back into the same Interactive activity by adding an exclusive gateway and then have the exclusive gateway's only sequence flow (its default sequence flow) go back into the same Iteractive activity.

          Hope this helps,
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            hi Dan,

            thank you for the reply, as you guessed i was thinking on those lines.

            I managed to resolve it by actually typing the title i wanted in the combo box with the heading "Highest Approver Title", in the deadlines section.

            I just wish i had tried typing something in the combo box , it would have saved a day for me.

            Thank you once again for your time,


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