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    Agent is unreachable


      I'm using EM12cR2 on Solaris SPARC. EM agent became to crash after 2 days network subnet was changed.

      How occurs the problem:
      1. I started agent
      2. After few hours i got a notification
      Message=Agent is Unreachable (REASON = unable to connect to http server at https://DSSINVDB01:3872/emd/main/. [peer not authenticated]). Host is unreachable (REASON = Unknown Error pinging the host of URL https://DSSINVDB01:3872/emd/main/.1).
      3. After 10..30 mins i got notification that agent became up again.
      4. steps 2-3 occured few times per day.
      5. After few hours or days agent became unreachable for keeps and didn't restart

      ./emctl status agent gets the following:
      Status agent Failure:unable to connect to http server at https://dssinvdb01:3872/emd/lifecycle/main/. [peer not authenticated]
      Agent is Not Running

      $ps -ef | grep agent

      oracle 21236 1 0 окт. 25 ? 0:53 /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/core/ /u01/app/oracle/agent12c
      oracle 24472 21236 0 окт. 28 ? 11:34 /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/core/ -Xmx128M -XX:MaxP

      Others agents on other hosts don't have such issue.
      I checked logs of EM agent and didn't found any essential errors.
      I totally cleared (deinstalled & removed all files) and installed fresh agent binaries on that host. But it also didn't help.

      Ntp clients configured...
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