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    Accessing clustered report servers from Forms


      The "Oracle Fusion Middleware Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle Reports Services 11g R2 (11.1.2)" manual in Section 2.5 talks about setting up a High Availability environment for Reports.

      It discusses how to set the cluster configuration and how to create a reports job repository in the database. It says that you need to have a unique name for each report server, finally it says that you should use Oracle Web Cache to load balance for the reports cluster.

      If you are calling the report server from Forms with a run_report_object then you don't go via the web cache, so I am confused how you send your report request to the reports cluster in a load balanced fashion.

      Has anyone done this or can explain how this works for Forms?


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          John Stegeman
          I know that this is an old thread, but I've taken the liberty to bump it up, as I have the same question.

          The Reports documentation describes quite succinctly how to configure the report servers to be clustered - no problem there.

          The issue is that when you run a report from forms using run_report_object, you are required to specify a report server name. The Reports docs specify that all of the server names must be unique, so this seems to indicate that you cannot use a clustered report server environment from Forms, or am I missing something somewhere? Oh, wait - an insight coming here - Can you (I'll test this, but it would be good to know) specify a cluster name instead of an actual report server name? Google to the rescue:

          Using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT: If the call specifies a Reports Server cluster name instead of a Reports Server name, the reports_servermap environment variable must be set in the Oracle Forms Services default.env file. If your Oracle Forms application uses multiple Reports Server cluster names, you can map each of those cluster names to a different Reports Server using reports_servermap in rwservlet.properties, as follows:

          There's the answer. Sometimes writing the question down helps figure out the answer :)