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    Retro Pay Process

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement where there is a particular element that needs to be run in the next payroll process.
      I mean we are not processing a particular element in the current payroll process at all.
      In the next payroll run I would like to process the element as a retro run and attach it to the payroll process
      For example I have an X element from november payroll which I'm not processing in November at all
      In december I would like to attach the X element by running the retro process and then the normal run so that
      this element gets processed too.

      Can I do that? Can we process a retro for an element that was not run in the payroll process at all?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi All,

          I shall reframe the question. The actual requirement is there is an X element which has to be processed in the next payroll.

          I mean the X element has to be run always with the next payroll.

          Nov-12 payroll process should include the process results for Oct-12 X element's results.

          Please bear in mind that none of the calculation is done manually that is being calculated internally. So I cannot edit the fast formula logic.

          I only need to look out for a way to attach this X element to n+1 Payroll period.

          For the Nov-12 payroll OCt-12 results would be attacged for X element.
          For the Dec-12 payroll Nov-12 results would be attached for X element

          How can I achieve this?

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            Vigneswar Battu
            Hi 874719,

            Have never seen any requirement like this before. Can I know what functionality are you implementing here ?

            There are a couple of ways for achieving this -

            1. When you run the current month, in one of the fast formulas where you calculate the value for next month, call a formula function which would insert a non-recurring element entry into the next period for the assignment. You can use the Element entry API pay_element_entry_api.create_element_entry for creating the element entry.

            2. You can create an information element say INF_Element with an input value Amount and pass the calculated value into this element input value.
            For current month, this will just store the value in the information element.
            Attach a recurring element for the employee. The formula attached to this element will check if the previous month had a value for INF_Element and process it for current month.

            3. You can also play with Balances(try to use _ITD) to get the last month value alone(with a cumulative add/subtract logic) and use this in the current month.

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              Thanks for the reply, Vignesh.Your options are worthy considering

              But the client doesnt want that element to be processed at all in the current month.
              And I cannot play around with the element fast formula as that is happening as a part of the seeded process.

              The exact issue is unauthorized leaves have to be deducted in the next month considering this month's leave dates.

              It should come as something like retro element in the next month every payroll period..

              Can we think on those lines and arrive at a solution?

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                Vigneswar Battu
                Why cant you create a recurring element which would calculate the values for the last month and return it to Pay value.
                You just have process the elements in each month, just that the formula attached to the element will look into values from last month.
                Will that not solve your purpose ?
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                  yes, Vignesh. that is the solution that I proposed..but the client's point is that
                  An element already exists which calculates the value for the current period

                  They want me to use that element itself and attach it in next pay process every time..

                  Am I clear??

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                    Vigneswar Battu
                    I'm not sure if thats possible. You're just complicating things.
                    Speak to your client and suggest alternate ways.

                    Not sure, if anyone else has better ideas ..Giuseppe , Clive ?
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                      Giuseppe Bonavita
                      Maybe - not sure if I got everything here - have two element sets: element X in set one and all the others in the set two.

                      in october, submit oct payroll for set two and sep payroll for set one.
                      just a starting point...
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                        not sure if I got your message right, Giuseppe.Could youkindly elaborate

                        But my requirement is to run a particular element every time in the next payroll.

                        it is something like a recurring element but its results are attached in the next pay period based on the calculations of the current pay period..
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                          Giuseppe Bonavita
                          What I was suggesting was to have two differnet payroll run each month.

                          the first one is run for the current month for all elements a part from element X.
                          second one for if for the previus month and the element X only.

                          same pay date for both.
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                            Hi ,

                            Have a small doubt ..he want to have oct entry in Nov payroll ..thats wat i understood from the question ..but having 2 element sets running one for current month and another for previous month ..wont survive the purpose ..if i am not wrong ..
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                              i dont think they are ready to do that...

                              is there a chance of running this as a retro element every month with out attaching it in the current month?