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    How to uninstall URM component

      Hi All,

      Please let me know how to uninstall URM from ECM suite.

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          First of all, if you mention "ECM Suite", what version do you mean? (This SKU's name is not used for more than 1 year, so you could be speaking about both 10g and 11g)

          Secondly, as for "URM component", do you mean a separate Managed Server (in 11g)/Content Server instance (10g), or do you mean RM components?

          RM components are the easiest: you can use Component Manager ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10792/c06_components.htm#CHDHCGFB ) or Component Wizard ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10792/c06_components.htm#i1022078 ) to both disable and uninstall whatever components you want to.

          As for 10g, the installation manual http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E10316_01/urm/urm_doc_10/documentation/integrator/install_urm_10en.pdf contains a chapter about uninstalling.

          As for 11g, the installation manual also contains a chapter about de-installatiion http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e14495/deinstall.htm#CBHDBHJI , but it does not seem to mention specifically Oracle WebCenter Content: Records, so I'm not sure if it allows to choose to uninstall this application only, or it uninstalls everything. At worst, you should be always able to use Weblogic admin tools to do that. Speak to your Weblogic admin, or follow this tutorial: http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/fmw/wls/10g/r3/appdeploy/deploy/deploy_apps/deploy_apps.htm
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            The version is ECM We had configured URM earlier with ECM. But due to some issues, we had uninstalled URM. I think its not properly uninstalled. We had done the following for deleting URM:-

            Shut down the services
            Remove the URM schema
            delete the directories which got created during URM installation
            cleanup the URM and DS entries from config.xml
            delete the server from admin console

            When we tried to install URM again by extending the domain, its already got select in the GUI... Can anyone tell me how to proceed further with the URM installation?

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              ryan sullivan2
              I believe that there will be a number of manual steps required to fully uninstall the WCC RM component. metadata rules, and other features are enabled that are not easily disabled without manual cleanup.

              I believe the safest method is a full re-install, if possible.

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                Srinath Menon-Oracle
                Hi ,

                Did you try the uninstall command and then check ?

                Navigate to <install_home>/utils/uninstall and run uninstall.sh (or bat if windows based environment) , then check .