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    How to add TagLogicalElement (TLEs)

      Hi Experts,

      Is anyone aware of how to add TagLogicalElement (TLEs) into Documaker produced AFP output files?

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          Vamshi Mundla
          Hi Nirmal,

          I never tried that but while searching documents I found this. I am not sure this will help you out or not. :)

          You can add TLE (Tag Logical Element) records into AFP print streams which can be used by some 3rd-party archive systems to archive AFP print streams in a manner
          similar to archiving AFP or Metacode print streams in Docusave.

          You must include comment records in the print streams to index the archive. You can use a DAL script to add comment records into the print stream. Use the TLEScript option n the PrtType:AFP control group to name the DAL script to execute when TLE records can be added into the print stream. The DAL script should call the AddComment function to add a string as a TLE comment record.

          The TLE comment string must include a key and a value. Separate these components with a special character. This character can be any printable character as long as it is a unique character not found in the key or value portion of the comment string.

          For example, you might build a comment string using a colon (:) as a separator as in the following example:


          The key portion of the string is PolicyNum, the value portion of the string is 7SAMPCO, and the separator character is a colon (:).

          Here is an example of what TLE DAL script might look like:
               cidlabel = 'PolicyNum'
               clientid = GVM("PolicyNum")
               colon = ':'
               AddComment (cidlabel & colon & clientid);

          Notice that the key portion remains constant (PolicyNum) while the value portion changes based on the contents of the GVM variable, PolicyNum.

          Add these options to the PrtType:AFP control group to enable TLE record support:
               < PrtType:AFP >
               TLEScript = TLE.DAL
               TLEEveryPage= No
               TLESeparator= :

          Option Description
          TLEScript Enter the name of the DAL script to execute.
          TLESeparator Enter the character you want to use to separate the key and value portions of the TLE comment string.
          TLEEveryPage Optional. If you enter Yes, the TLE DAL script will be executed at the start of every page. If you enter No, the TLE DAL script will be executed at the start of every form set. The default is No.

          Vamshi Mundla
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            If you are using TLEs for archiving with IBM's OnDemand, you might also need to give the Begin Page (BPG) and End Page (EPG) records the name of the form used to create each page. This can be accomplished using the BPGScript DAL script functionality which is available in release 12.0 patch p02 and higher.

            I have copied the following from the Printers Reference guide which you can find at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/insurance-097481.html#Documaker

            Adding Data to Begin Page and End Page Records

            The AFP MO:DCA structured records for Begin Page (BPG) and End Page (EPG)
            include an 8-byte field that you can use to store the name of the form used to create
            the page. Adding form names to these records can allow certain AFP archival
            products to re-assemble portions of documents, instead of having to deliver the entire

            Use the BPGScript option to add this data to the AFP Begin Page and End Page
            records. Here is an example:
            < PrtType:AFP >
            BPGScript = example.dal

            The DAL script you specify should contain a call to the AddComment function. The
            script can pass any string as a parameter to the AddComment function but strings
            longer than eight bytes are truncated.

            For example, if you wanted to write the form name into the BPG (Begin Page) and
            EPG (End Page) records, your DAL script could include the following lines:
            form_name = FormName()

            The BPGScript DAL script is similar to other functionality for adding comments to
            AFP print streams, such as DocusaveScript, OnDemandScript, and TLEScript. You
            can use any combination of these script INI options.

            Keep in mind...
            • AFP records normally contain EBCDIC data. By default, the AddComment
            function converts the string to EBCDIC.
            • Do not use the AddComment option to write ASCII text.
            • Use only 7-bit ASCII characters in strings added via the AddComment function
            because 8-bit ASCII characters may be translated to EBCDIC characters other
            applications will not understand.
            • AFP archival products may have specific requirements for the text in Begin Page
            (BPG) and End Page (EPG) records. For example, they may not expect spaces
            within the text. Make sure that you address these requirements when creating the
            AddComment strings in your DAL script.
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              Thanks a lot guys :)