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    Error when calling a Webservice's public method in Forms10g

    Carlos Cortez

      I'm getting the following error when calling a webservice's public method, i'm using Forms10g
      java.rmi.RemoteException; nested exception is: HTTP transport error javax.xml.soap.SOAPException 
      java.security.PrivilegedActionException javax.xml.soap.SOAPException 
      Message send failed javax.net.ssl.SSLException SSL handshake failed X509CertCh
      I have added the Jar containing the client proxy in both Classpaths(system variable and default.env), the jar has been made with jdk 1.4
      I also have tested the client proxy from jDeveloper and it's working there, but in Forms i'm getting this error.

      I guess my problem might be that i'm calling a webservice that is secured since the url starts with https

      what should i do to fix this ??