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    Getting busy icon in map when i use Custompointcallback for dvt maps

      Hello Gurus,

      I am trying to use custompointcallback function in mappointtheme for my project. Below is the code for the method i using in my bean.

      public PointContent processPointInfo(DataContent dataContent) {

      GeoRowObject obj= dataContent.getGeoRowObject();
      String[] str =obj.getFormattedValues();
      String pointHTML = str[0];
      String selectHTML = "You are selected";
      String hoverHTML = "Mouse over";
      PointContent pContent = new PointContent(pointHTML, selectHTML, hoverHTML);
      return pContent;

      When i call the above method, i am getting a busy icon in my application. Can you please tell me what i am doing wrong?