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    Where do I find the Instance Name for EPM Batch Script Utility?

      I am trying to find the Instance Name for the EPM Batch Script Utility. I have done the obvious...looked at the Deploy settings in EPM, but the Instance field is not even listed. I have tried 'Default', 'localhost', 'Planning', 'epmsystem1' and " " (nothing).

      Anyone know where I can look? The script will not deploy without this option (I have tried removing the field altogether). This is the error I am getting:

      2012-12-05 03:02:21,908 INFO Parameters(ApplicationName, InstanceName, ApplicationServer, HubProject, datasourceName, waitForCompletion, deployOption, RefreshOutline, CreateSecurityFilters)
      2012-12-05 03:02:21,909 INFO Values('BKAdFund', 'Default', 'PLANNING_LWA', 'Planning', 'BKAdFund', 'True', 'All','True', 'True');
      2012-12-05 03:02:23,149 ERROR [Line 16] Unable to find the instance with name Default.