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    Load Balancing Problem


      we have installed CSM Load balancer in our environment, we are working on weblogic 10.3.5 and each managed server is standalone server,
      we are facing some serious "thread pool has stuck threads" issues.

      my question is *" Is it necessary to use weblogic cluster even though we have physical load balancer installed in our environment ???"*

      Note: I am not looking for failover my concern is server's health status is going to overload and waiting. My first and foremost problem is load balancing.


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          From your email i under stand that, you have configured Load Balancer for High availability.

          If your requirement is all about JUST high availability - I mean, no Session Replication is required, no JMS, no EJB, Replication/Fail Over is required, then you can go for Just Load balancer with 2 Managed server alone configuration. But, If you need all the mentioned stuff (session, JMS Failover, EJB failover, etc) then you have to go for Clustering. Its based on your requirements + your application design.


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            Only from load balancing point of view cluster is not really needed.

            apart from session replication and failover capabilities, few more benefits are there with clustering only if you are using a web server also.

            Stuck threads can be due to lot's of problems like application issues, load issues etc, So first make sure you are getting stuck thread on both servers or only on one, if on one, then in this case your load balancing not working properly and sending more load to that server, and if you are getting stuck threads on both then try to add one more managed server.

            Mukesh Negi