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    Linux Load test Fails to start agent due to authentication errors

      I have a brand-new install of on a Linux machine.

      After the install I
      1) Created a user in the administrator application with the name of my Linux login and granted full permission to that user
      2) Logged in to the load testing tool as that user
      3) Imported an open script zip file (which just has a simple single GET URL call)
      4) Added that to a new scenario
      5) Attempted to run the test.

      When running the test, after 90 seconds it fails saying that there is an Error communicating with the Oracle Load Testing Agent Manager on oats-am://localhost:9001: Timed out after 90 seconds

      The AgentManager is running on localhost. But from the agentmanager_auth.log I see that the oats-agent user wasn't able to start the actual agent:

      2012-12-06 16:38:31,951 WARN [URL:t3://adc2201760.us.oracle.com:8088;Requestor Username: oats-agent;Requestor Key:71ec0e9e-ea8f-4f25-bd48-e6b6e0a15e62;Requestor Queue:oracle/oats/queue/AgentPoolNotificationQueue;Request ID:11;Request:startagent;] - authentication failed

      I haven't done anything with passwords other than specify the password on install. I did go into the WebLogic console as user oats and make sure that the user oats-agent is in the security realm and put in the same password that I used for the install. In the load testing tool, I also looked into setting the password for VU Agent Systems; there is of course one defined there for OLT Server/Localhost , though the user is JMSAdmin and the port is 9001 so I don't think will help with that the the oats-agent connecting via t3 to port 8088. If there is some place else to verify the oats-agent password in the load testing tool, I didn't see it.

      How to I get the oats-agent user the correct credentials?