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    Microsoft sqlserver Connection Pool Problem to Sqlexpress 2008

    Robert Angel

      I have connected to sqlexpress 2008 using ODBC 3.5 and successfully imported and modelled them physically, in business model and in presentation layer....

      However, the connection pool loses the user name, and even though I was able to import the tables when I try to view data or update row count the connection pool fails with ODBC error state 37000, code 102.

      Similarly if I make the repository live I get odbc connection errors to all objects.

      If I reuse the same connection pool details to import more tables the connection works fine.

      The odbc is via a system dsn using Merant OEM 5.3 32-bit SQL Server Wire Protocol
      The security for sqlexpress is using windows integrated security.

      My obiee version is

      Any suggestions please??