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    Error in promotion rule


      I created a promotion that gives 5 percent off to Orders that payment groups includes creditCard. So the rule is: when Order's paymentGroups includes creditCard (end of condition)

      When I try to add a product to cart, I'm getting the following exception:
      **** UnknownService --- atg.commerce.pricing.PricingException: class atg.commerce.order.CreditCard is not a supported class type for PMDL to convert string to object.
      I would appreciate if anyone knows how to apply a promotion to Order that has a specific type of paymenGroup.

      Thanks in advance!

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          have you customised pricing model to include payment group types? dont think this is available out of the box, you might want to extend to show paymentGroupClassType is creditCard and not the actual paymentgroup type. I would be interested to see how you're creating the promotion type?
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            This issue was solved by creating a transient property in the Order item that returns the main payment group type of the order. After that, was easy to create a promotion based on the type of the payment.