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    Home page caching issue - switchuser

      We are currently on PeopleTools 8.48 and are moving to 8.51.
      On Enterprise Portal, we use switchuser() to switch to a different user.
      After the switchuser() is successful, the left menu is not refreshed on IE. The same works on Firefox and Chrome.
      The URL is a https.

      The same functionality in 8.48 tools works just fine on IE and Firefox. The left menu refresh works on PT8.51 URL that is not a https on IE.

      I tried the setting "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" = UNCHECKED on IE and this works -- but -- this setting was not required on PT8.48.

      Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.


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          8.48 did not use Ajax to load pagelets. It is likely that you are seeing browser caching in IE for the Ajax content. You can fine tune homepage caching through the Web Profile settings. There is also some PeopleCode in the menu generation app class that adds caching.
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            Pagelets shows up normally. It is the left navigation menu that does not refresh for new switched user.
            If I click on any link on the left menu, the correct folders and CREF appears.

            Clicking on Home link at the top always brings the original left menu.

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              I see. You don't mean the menu pagelet, you mean the menu in the pre 8.50 left nav template. I suggest you switch to the drop down menu template within PeopleTools > Portal > General Settings and switch to the _SWAN stylesheet in PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options. If you want to stay with the left nav option, then look at your Menu Caching and Cache Generated HTML options in the web profile. I don't think either of these will help since FF and Chrome aren't caching.

              If you must use the left nav, then you will have to open a My Oracle Support case. I suspect you can modify the menu peoplecode to turn off caching, but it may be better to file a support case. I believe what you are seeing is specific to SwitchUser, which acts differently than a log out and then a login. Whenever possible, I opt for the logout/login option. This is how the enterprise portal guest signin pagelet works.

              SwitchUser works really well with Integration Broker. I can't say I've enjoyed using it for online PeopleCode.