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    Unable to get UTL File to work on XE 10G

      Version : XE 10g
      OS: XP

      Hi There,

      I have done this many times in the past including the current machine/OS, but for some reason I just cannot get UTL File to work this time! Please help.

      I installed ORacle xe 10g after a OS crash. Everything went through successfully and my applicaitions are up and running, except for the UTL file

      I created a directory C:\ORALOAD

      I then logged into SQL plus command prompt (XE menu)
      connect sys/password as sysdba

      grant execute on UTL_FILE to public;
      grant execute on UTL_FILE to HR;

      I then ran

      create directory ORALOAD as 'C:\ORALOAD';
      grant all on ORALOAD to Public ;
      grant all on ORALOAD to HR ;

      HEre is my Procedure. I keep getting a invalid directory error. I also, checked the permissions on the files and look okay. This had been working for years. Not sure, what I am doing wrong this time around!


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