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    Multi Project Reports

      I am trying to create a multi-project report and am having an issue seeing it in PCM 14.

      Here are the steps I did:
      - Copied multi-project report for daily report
      - Changed name to M_Dai_03
      - I didnt really change anything in the report
      - Logged onto PCM 14 Admin and imported reports
      - Loggied onto PCM 14 and clicked print at the top
      - Selected daily reports
      - Only M_Dai_01 and M_Dai_02 show up

      Any ideas what is happening? or steps I missed?

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          When you imported reports, did you import by opening the Group Reports entry, or did you maybe import only the project level?

          Have you added other single-project reports or forms in the past?
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            What I did was import all reports and forms. Then I imported the reports and forms per folder name.

            All of my projects are under one folder/forms.
            I have added forms and reports in the past.

            What I noticed was when i change the new report from M_ to R_ it imports it.

            There seems to be a problem with adding or modifying a multi project report only.
            I believe this must be a software issue.
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              In the BIP application there are four steps to copying an existing form or report:

              1.     Save a copy of the data model of the source form or report under a new name
              a.     Navigate to the form or report being copied and then locate the corresponding data model. Each report or form is associated with a data model. The default naming convention for the data models for stock reports and forms has each data model named the same as the associated form or report, preceded by “DM_”. The data model for the M_DAI_02 report, for example, is “DM_ M_DAI_02”.
              b.     Click on the data model title, or on the edit link, to open the data model in edit mode.
              c.     In Data Model screen click on the ‘Save As’ icon in the upper right corner of the screen and save the data model under a new name.

              2.     Save a copy of the source form or report under a new name
              a.     Click on the Catalog link in the upper toolbar and then navigate to the form or report being copied.
              b.     Click on the form or report’s edit link.
              c.     Immediately click on the ‘Save As’ icon in the upper right corner, and save the form or report as a new name.

              3.     Associate the new form or report with the new data model
              a.     In the newly named form or report, the data model link in the upper left corner of the screen will still point to the ‘old’ data model.
              b.     Click on the search icon in the upper left corner to display a list of all the data models within this folder.
              c.     Select the data model created in step 1.

              4.     Replace the layout of the report with a layout named to match the report name.
              a.     Within each report there is a layout which is typically named the same as the report. After saving the report under a new name and associating the report with a new data model, it is recommended to save a new layout named to match the new report name.
              b.     Click on the ‘Edit’ link below the current layout
              c.     Immediately click on the ‘Save As’ icon in the layout edit screen and save the layout under a new name which matches the report name.
              d.     Click on the ‘Return’ button in the toolbar to display the old and new layouts.
              e.     Use the Delete link below the ‘old’ layout to clear this layout. The report name, the layout name and the associated data model will now all match.
              f.     Click the ‘Save’ icon to save this version of the report.

              Hope the above helps.
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                I have created reports and forms before, but not exactly this way.

                I did try it using your steps and did not succeed.

                I do not have an issue with regular reports or forms.

                My problem is when creating or modifying Multi-Project Reports.

                All other reports/forms work, except the Multi-Project Reports.

                Does anyone else have this issue?

                Thank you.
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                  Rudy Ising
                  No you should be able to copy/create additional multi-project reports. A couple of comments--I would guess from your description #1 is the culprit, but try the others as well.
                  1. Confirm that your multi-project location is pointed to the same folders you are editing in BI. If Multi-Project reports are pointed to an alternate location, that would explain why your copy is not imported.
                  2. Try clicking on the "Import" inside the Multi-project location screen rather than the "all forms/reports" button.
                  3. You may want to make sure that you also have edited the report name in the Properties (next to the Parameters link) so you don't see two reports with the same description. Unlike older versions, though, it should import even without modifying this or filling the description in.
                  4. Check to make sure that you can edit the report in BI to make sure that there is an appropriate layout there.
                  5. In the Layout screen in BI, click "View a List" and make sure the "view online" is checked.
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                    Rudy Ising

                    1.  Multi Project reports must be in the existing default folders (like DAI for Dailies).  You can create your own folders in BI, but multi-project reports will not import in CM from them.  This is a carry over from prior PCM versions.  If you add R_ reports to a custom folder, you'll see these options in PCM, but not M_ reports added to a custom folder.


                    2.  Running the general Import forms and Reports should import multi project reports as well as R_ reports, etc., but when in doubt, you can open the Group Reports entry and run the import there.


                    3.  If your new report (i.e. M_DAI_03 is not properly associated with a correct Data Model--e.g. DM_M_DAI_02) then the report will not appear in PCM.

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                      I am new to BI and i would like to know is their any documents avialable for creating reports for PCM through BI.


                      Thanks in Advcance

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                        Rudy Ising

                        Like older versions that used Infomaker, there are no really good resources.  However, I would suggest you use the following:

                        1.     BI--the web version provides you with fairly complete help, which I would encourage reviewing.  You can also get documentation in PDF.

                        2.     Tables and Joins--if you are unfamiliar with db schema go here and look for "Contract Management Joins Document"



                        3.     There is a Discussion Forum for BI, which while it's general, may help you with some detailed questions.  There is also a CM Discussion Forum, both of which might be useful to someone new.






                        4.     The best place to start would be out of the box (OOTB) forms and reports that are provided.  These have many data models for common tasks and report layouts that can be modified.  One note is that these OOTB documents are built with the web tool, but you can also develop using the Word (RTF) BI developer.