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    Catalog & price list issue with BCC

      Hi There,
      Migrating from ATG 2007.1 to 10 & experiencing issue while hitting BCC login page.Here is the excerpt of the error.

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempt to set property named catalog (UserProfiles:user:6510001)  with value = catalog:masterCatalog (class=class atg.adapter.version.CurrentVersionItem).  This property failed due to a property type specific test.  Enable loggingDebug for details.

      Compared with CRS configuration & fixed this issue by updating the following properties in CatalogTools component

      Then I am getting error with price list.Here is the excerpt of error.

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempt to set property named priceList (UserProfiles:user:6540000)  with value = priceList:listPrices (class=class atg.adapter.version.CurrentVersionItem).  This property failed due to a property type specific test.  Enable loggingDebug for details.
      at atg.repository.RepositoryItemImpl.setPropertyValue(RepositoryItemImpl.java:215)
      at atg.adapter.gsa.GSAItem.setPropertyValue(GSAItem.java:1323)
      at atg.userprofiling.Profile.setPropertyValue(Profile.java:229)
      at atg.userprofiling.ProfilePropertySetter.setProfileProperty(ProfilePropertySetter.java:70)
      at atg.commerce.pricing.priceLists.PriceListProfilePropertySetter.setPriceListProfileProperties(PriceListProfilePropertySetter.java:150)
      at atg.commerce.pricing.priceLists.PriceListProfilePropertySetter.setProperties(PriceListProfilePropertySetter.java:119)
      at atg.userprofiling.ProfilePropertyServlet.service(ProfilePropertyServlet.java:182)
      at atg.servlet.pipeline.PipelineableServletImpl.passRequest(PipelineableServletImpl.java:135)
      at atg.search.servlet.SearchClickThroughServlet.service(SearchClickThroughServlet.java:396)

      I don't see any additional info by enabling logDebug.Unable to fix priceList issue.Have anyone experienced these issues? Any solution for it?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Kumaresh Babu
          Hi Mani,

          Please ensure that catalog,listPrice,salePrice are correctly mapped to your current site

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            Gautam Singh
            Why is PropertySetters called for BCC login page? If you are not using preview feature in BCC you can safely Set enabled=false for both

            Though his will avoid these errors, it might blow up some place else. Keep posting if you get some other errors.
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              I think Gautam is on the right track when he asks why the PropertySetters are called for the BCC login page. There is configuration in ProfilePropertyServlet that limits it to operating on ProfileAdapterRepository. It ignores InternalProfileRepository, bypassing all configured PropertySetters. There should be no need to disable individual PropertySetters just because you're connecting to the BCC.

              The original post's IllegalArgumentException mentions UserProfiles:user:6510001, which is not the kind of user who can log into the BCC. How did your request get an external profile assigned to it on a server with a versioned catalog repository? Are you trying to run the BCC and your storefront on the same ATG instance? That's not supported unless the storefront is running in preview mode. Are you running with versioned repositories but without the DPS.InternalUsers module? Something looks tangled in the IllegalArgumentException.