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    2 CCITT T.6 tiff images


      I am trying to display a CCITT T.6 tiff image file (say t1) in the browser (IE8). The file size is 15kb (I can see that it has II* bytes in the header). It does not display (all I see is a red x in place of the image). Then I open up the file using ms-paint, save it as t2 (this file has M* in it). Now the file size close to 2 MB. If I look at the file properties of t2, it still says CCITT T.6 however, this file displays ok in the browser.

      When I say display, using jdeveloper to render it in a table region in an oaf page using servelet. Servelet reads 't1' from a blob cloumn.

      What could be the potentiall difference between the 2 files?
      Assuming that the compression is causing the t1 to not display, how would I un-compress the file? Can any one provide a sample code?

      I am a java newbie, image file newbie trying to learn as much as I can. pls. help