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    HFM Locking vs. NoInput

      Working in version HFM

      Can putting in a NoInput rule replace the locking task that we have to go through ?

      Eg, if we put in a NoInput rule for year 2012 will this take the place of locking jan-2012, feb-2012, mar-2012, etc.....
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          Gunasekaran Rayar-Oracle

          Locking a period locks all the accounts for that period , however Noinp does not behave that way.You would need to specify the accounts in the "Noinp" statement.

          A Noinp is not a recomended alternate to Locking period.

          Moreover a large number of Noinput statements increases the time required to open the application as they get executed while the application is being opened.

          Thanks and regards,
          Gunasekaran Rayar
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            Thanks for the input abount NoInput..
            One other questions. I know that the NoInput gets loaded into memory, and those interctiion that have the NoInput will prevent users from addiing data.

            When exactly does the NoInput get load ? Only when the applications starts (just once) or everytime a users logs into HFM ?
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              The NoInput and Input rules run when either 1) the rules are loaded into the application or 2) the application is brought into memory on the server for the first time. In regards to #2, if the HFM service on the HFM server is set to Manual then the HFM application will drop out of the server memory after 20 minutes (default setting) of inactivity by all users. If a user then logs into the HFM application them those rules will run again as the application is brought back into memory on the server. If that service is set to automatic then the application will only be dropped from memory is that service is manually recycled. Because NoInput and Input rules can be affected by metadata changes I always recommend that rules are reloaded after metadata changes.
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                Thanks for the Great info...

                I am somewhat new to HFM Rules. But I have been doing some basic changes, so I know my way around..

                In our current rule set we are thinking about putting in the following code:

                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2004"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2005"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2006"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2007"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2008"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2009"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2010"
                     Hs.NoInput "Y#2011"

                So your saying this is a bad thing to put in the above code, becasue this will not lock our all accounts ? Or by doin this is will take time to load this into memory ?

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                  I believe this would lock all of your accounts and entities for that year, and beyond increasing the time for the system to start up (Never tried something like this, so it may be a while, something you really want to test), you may want to take a couple items into consideration.

                  1.) A consolidate all with data in prior years would now make any rules changes historically effective, if the entities were locked, a consolidation would not change the data, now it would re-run through the new rules logic.

                  2.) If for some reason you have to load data to historical periods after the fact, you would have to load rules without a blank noinput sub, load historical adjustments, and reload rules.

                  3.) This would do a noinput to intersections for ALL scenarios as well, that may be your intent, but it is something to note.

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                    Thanks... That does make me think about a few possible items in the future.

                    On last thing for today, anyway..

                    I am assuming when you specify NoInput Y#2012 for example, HFM loop through each account for that year (2012) and sets some sort of flag telling this is a NoInput cell ? Therefore depending on how many accounts you might take a bit to do..

                    Does that make sense ...
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                      That's an interesting question as to how the system actually handles the noinput rules, maybe someone else like Brian or CBarbieri might have some more information which I would like to hear as well. If it has to flag each intersection, in addition to accounts and entities, all of the other custom members, I would imagine this rule could take days on some applications to load.

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                        Woulding using NoInput on previous years prevent me from being able to extract data from those years? We recently did a copy app from our Dev environment to our UAT environment and we cannot extract the data from the UAT app. We went back into our Dev app and same thing. We cannot extract the data. We didn't think to test this as a possible issue. Any help?