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    Can SPecific Table Access Privs Be Granted to a User in Grid?

    MS Sauter

      We are using OEM Grid 10g and about to migrate to 11g as well as 12c. Have used Grid alot over the years to set up roles and then have those roles tied to other roles, specific system privileges, as well as various target privileges. I have been ask to set up a user in Grid and give them the ability to view specific tables. I know one can do this via SQL*PLUS, but am I correct in stating that in Grid you cannot go to the granularity of granting specific privs to allow users to see a specific table via a user and/or role? I have looked through much documentation and don't see how.

      The user I attempted to do this for has the desired access limits in place such that he can only see particular tables in DB xyz via SQLPLUS, but he can see all of the tables in xyz when going through Grid.

      The user groups also ask to eb able to view the contents of specific tables in Grid, but I have pointed then to Discoverer and SQL*Developer as I am pretty sure you cannot see the contents of tables in Grid.

      Thanks for any help.