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    BPEL not able to insert data properly in databse


      I have developed a code, where in an index file is placed for file read adapter to trigger the BPEL service. This INDEX file contains information about the xml files. Once the BPEL service is trigerred ie. Index file is picked up, the SYNC READ ADAPTER starts reading the xml files and BPEL process then inserts the data from XML files in the data base one by one. Also only 1 instance is created for 1 index file.

      When I am testing this service with *1000* entries in Index files ie. with 1000 xml files, 2 instances are getting created for an index file(1st one as successful and 2nd one faulted).
      The Flow trace of first successful instance shows that Data is getting loaded in database, but when I check the database it doesnt show any data inserted. And the 2nd faulted instance shows below fault

      *"ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting for lock "*

      Please advise
      1) Why is second faulted instance getting created?
      2) Why I am not able to see data inserted by first instance in database?
      Both are unexpected.