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    Costing of Payment


      Can somebody give me practical scenarios where costing of payment will be done? Is it If Ido costing of payment, I shouldnt run the normal costing. Or should I run both?

      Also what difference between transfer to GL and Transfer to SLA. CAn I run both in ? Like when I run transfer to GL I see my journals after importing. Where will I see my entries after I run my SLA transfer.

      Please share your thoughts.

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          Hi KK,

          'Costing' is used to generate the accounting details of the elements for an employee, where as 'Costing of Payment' is used to generate the accounting details of the payment Methods.

          We require to run the 'Prepayment' request before the 'Costing of Payment' request. We require to process both Costing and Costing of Payment.

          The details for the 'Costing of Payment' can be entered in Organizational Payment Method.
          India HRMS Manager -> Payroll -> Payment Methods -> General Ledger

          The 'Costing of Payment' request Debits the Control Account and Credits the Cash Account.

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            Could you tell me which tables I need to query to get the costing of payment details? Also is there a transaction type (or something similar) that would give me the costing of payment transactions? Can I start in the pay_payroll_actions table and connect to the needed costing table(s)? I'm thinking it all starts in come other table... I have no clue as to where to start. Thanks for your time and information - Judy