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    When  execute ap invoice validate ,holden

      hi ,guys
      When i entry an ap invoice to validate ,then holden by the reason was "unable to perform funds check"

      How can i solve this issue? Caused by what?

      somebody can help me?

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          This hold can be caused by 3 reasons:

          1) No budget exists for the account in the accounting period on the invoice. To remove it create a budget in General Ledger and resubmit invoice validation.
          2) Invoice account is not equal to the purchase order account. Enter different account for
          invoice distribution and resubmit invoice validation.
          3) Detail account not assigned to a parent account. Assign detail account to parent account and
          resubmit invoice validation.

          R12: Payables Holds Explained - Why They are Applied and How to Remove Them [ID 782398.1]

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            thx , this issue has been solved through your method.,thx agn