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    Oracle Express in Mac

    Renan Barbalho
      Hi guys,

      Is it possible install oracle express in mac os lion?

      I found this thread in Internet but the link to download a oracle version to mac is dead.



      can anybody help me?


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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          This is currently not possible, since the 11g XE version (the only version currently available) cannot be installed on Mac OS



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            I found this thread in Internet but the link to download a oracle version to mac is dead.
            As noted the 10g version have been removed. Afaik, all "10g" branded products/editions are removed since the release had turned an age nearly prehistoric.
            As you can see from the page linked to, is the latest (and it's removed, as stated) version available. Note that it has/had software requirement including "Apple Mac OS X Server 10.5.4" (Leopard). The Install guide even adds "Only the versions listed in the previous table are supported. Do not install the software on other versions of Apple Mac OS X."

            I think there may have been some plans or so to have a 11.2 version ready during this year... with destined quarted got rolled forward a few times. But now considering that 12.1 / "12c" (or whatever it will be) is on the way and that Apple already released Mountain Lion (10.8), I would say you'll have to wait and see what 12c delivers during next year.