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    Populating data block in tabular form

      I have a data block linked to a very basic table with columns A,B and C. I made a data block that connects to this table. I used the layout wizard to create a tabular form with room for 15 records. I placed this on a tab canvas.
      I want this tabular to populate with data from my table. I have read that I may be able to do this inside of the PRE-BLOCK trigger.
      In my PRE-BLOCK trigger I have:
      SELECT A, B, C
          FROM schema.table;
      However I get an error:
      40735 PRE-BLOCK trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-01422

      When I go to Help > Display Error
      "FRM-42100: No errors encounter recently"

      Does anyone know of any good and complete oracle forms tutorials? Most of the links I have found are dead, even the ones in the sticky in this forum. I understand Oracle Forms mine as well be a dead project but it is still used in some spider web filled caves one can hardly call a data center.
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          You did not give any clue of the version you are using !
          You don't have to do anything special other than pressing the execute query button on the top of the form to display table contents on the form.

          Just to display as you mentioned you don't have to write the sql statment you mentioned in the post. Your sql stament returns more than one row thats why you are gettting the error.