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    task processing will continue for deploying

    Saeed Hassanpour
      Dear Sir/Madam

      I have installed standalone Oracle WebLogic Server 11g(10.3.6) with Sherman Update3,for I used JDeveloper 11g Release 2 (
      I Sometimes got below message for several times and it can be repeatable when I have wanted to deploy my applications.

      "[11:38:24 AM] [Deployer:149140]The task cannot be processed further until the current edit session is activated. When this occurs, task processing will continue. The user can exit the deployer tool without affecting the task."

      Furthermore, I run weblogic console and I see to appear the two buttons "Activate Changes & Undo All Changes" in spite of the weblogic is in development mode, yet the state of my application is "deploy initialize". I Click "Activate Changes" button but it's not happened.
      Finally, for dealing with this problem, I have to shutdown & start up the weblogic .Next, I can deploy my application.

      Best Regards,