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      We have a ORACLE RAC 10G based on 2 nodes with 1 disk array for test purposes.
      Now, we want to connect a standby server to RAC with its own disk array. Standby server with array will be located in another city.

      How can we realize it?
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          You need to transfer the primary database backup to standby server: if the backup size is not very large (depending on network bandwidth) you can try to transfer it with network commands like ftp or scp. If the backup is too large you need to transport it physically from primary site to standby site with tape or USB disk or another media.

          If you can upgrade to 11.2 you could use active database duplication that does not require full backup transfer: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/backup.112/e10642/rcmdupdb.htm#BRADV418.

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            good oracle 11.2 feature :)

            I have another task. In case of crushing main database (2 nodes 1 array based RAC) activate remote database (1 node with array).
            Which is the best way?
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              Hi friend,

              We have tested with the following : we have 1og RAC ( with Single Physical Standby database :

              RAC Database :

              bash-3.00$ export ORACLE_SID=racdb
              bash-3.00$ rman target sys/sysracdb@racdb
              RMAN> connect catalog rman/rman@racdb
              RMAN> backup device type disk format '/backup/rman/%U' database plus archivelog;
              RMAN> backup device type disk format '/backup/rman/%U' current controlfile for standby;

              Note : Transfer the backup to the standby database location.

              Single Instance Database
              SQL> create spfile from pfile='/oracle/admin/stdby/pfile/initstdby.ora';
              SQL> shutdown immediate;
              SQL> startup nomount;
              [oracle@linux7 pfile]$ rman target sys/sysracdb@racdb auxiliary=sys/sysracdb
              RMAN> duplicate target database for standby;

              Note : It will restore....

              bash-3.00$ export ORACLE_SID=stdby
              bash-3.00$ export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1
              SQL> alter system set control_files='+DATA_GRP1/stdby/CONTROLFILE/current.256.665416399' scope=spfile;
              SQL> shutdown immediate;
              SQL> startup nomount;
              SQL> alter database mount standby database;
              SQL> alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session;