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    Using Oracle JDeveloper and ADF for a complete new CRM System....

      Hi all,
      we are planning to develop our own inhouse CRM system / platform from scratch. We decided to go this way because all of the "standard" products needs to be customized in that way that we decided that it's better to write our own.
      Actually we think about of what tool to use to develop this system.
      1. .NET (Visual Studio / C#)
      2. Oracle JDeveloper in combination with ADF

      We are free to decide what to use... the only thing we have to take care of is that Microsoft SQL Server is a MUST (a decision that has to do with history and our other used ERP systems).
      So my questions are very simple :
      - Does it make sense to use JDev and ADF in combination with SQL Server ? Or does it only make sense in combination with Oracle DB ?
      - I can't find any price informations about JDev and ADF.... is it free to use ??