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    Single Sign On in APEX and Authenticated Domain Users


      Within an APEX app pre login to the application is it possible to capture the users network ID in their browser session as they would already be authenticated on the domain, store in a variable which I could use to query against an employee and permissions table. In effect I am trying to create a single sign on for my APEX application so if they are authenticated on the domain and have permissions to access the application when they visit the URL in their web browser of the app they go straight into the application. If they do not have permissions they see the login page.

      I have done something similar in the past in Coldfusion where the code below reads the authenticated users userid and stores the variable, and how could something similar be done in APEX?

      <cfset user = listLast(cgi.REMOTE_USER,"\") >

      <cfquery name="querygetemp" datasource="datasource">
      SELECT * FROM employeedirectory
      WHERE uPPER(NETWORK_ID) = '#ucASE(user)#'