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    How the flow goes when we click login button

      Hi everyone,
      I am trying to create an application from the scrach, i deleted all the pages including the login and stared creating me own login page, now i face the following problems.

      I Created the custom login and is working fine, but once i login the logout button is not present in new page, i'm unable to log out, when i take the page 101 the login button is not visible. Can anyone help me .. attached below the details

      My custom login function is

      create or replace function validate_users_from_db (
      p_username in varchar2,
      p_password in varchar2 )
      return Boolean is

      v_pw_check varchar2(1);

      select 'x' into v_pw_check from my_users
      where upper(user_name) = upper(p_username)
      and user_pwd = p_password;
      return true;

      exception when no_data_found then
      return FALSE;
      end validate_users_from_db;


      on click of "login" request kept is login

      After submit> login has the process as
      p_username => :P101_USERNAME,
      p_password => :P101_PASSWORD );


      How to pass session ID, how to get logout option , how to set expiry time for session id

      pls help me learn ...