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    upgrading jheadstart 10g to 11g ?

      Hi JHS developers,

      Thanks for the great tools.

      We are planning to upgrade our production jheadstart10g application to 11g. I had tried the migration in jdeveloper 11g to migrate our application and encountered a lot of errors regarding to the 10g adf and the 10g jheadstart libraries. I would like to ask for guidance here with regarding to the best path to upgrade an 10g jheadstart application:
      1. what is the minimum effort to just upgrade the 10g application to 11g weblogic server?
      2. Is there a tool or migration guide to migrate a 10g jheadstart application to use the new 11g jheadstart features?

      Because the premier support for 10g appserver ends, we are in a hurry to move forward to the new jdeveloper11g and fusion middleware 11g. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.