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    planned purchase orders in ASCP


      how does planned purchase orders behave in ASCP. If anyone have experienced it please let me know how does it behave in ASCP
      Planned purchase order usage are as follows
      --> Dates of delivery tentatively scheduled
      --> Details of services or goods are known
      --> Actual purchases occur when a scheduled release is issued

      is it the same like when we create release for a BPA. So when we release a requisition recommended by ASCP will get converted automatically into an PO

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          Durgesh P

          Are you talking about planned orders which might get converted into Purchase requisitions upon release?
          In that case, you can use supplier scheduling functionality to get tentative schedules/forecasts for your suppliers.
          This provides details like tentative delivery dates, quantity and details of services/goods required etc. to the supplier beforehand.

          Durgesh P
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            For ASCP, planned PO, BPA are all the same. ASCP will suggest the PO requsitions and this when released from ASCP will get converted to Planned PO releases or BPA releases.