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    oracle.toplink.exceptions.DatabaseException Internal Exception

      Hi ,

      I have two bpel,which works in publish subscribe model.bpel1 is in 10 g which publishes to the queue and bpel2 is in 11g which subscribes from same queue.All the configurations are checked and it's correct.But when i am triggering bpel1 from 10g,bpel 2 in 11g is not subscribing ,and if I go to Fault and Rejected Messages in EM ,the below error is showing up:

      *Exception [TOPLINK-4002] (Oracle TopLink - 11g Release 1 ( (Build 111018)): oracle.toplink.exceptions.DatabaseException Internal Exception: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: ORA-12899: value too large for column "SOAUAT_SOAINFRA"."COMPOSITE_INSTANCE"."CONVERSATION_ID" (actual: 101, maximum: 100) Error Code: 12899*

      Can anyone help how to resolve the issue.
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          From the exception it seems to be a field limitation in the database.
          You could try to set a custom conversation ID (when calling the other BPEL) having a length less than 100 in order to workaround this incompatibility ?

          I won't recommend you to extend the database field length but it's obviously an other option (with unknown impacts)


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