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    Clarification on Endeca and ATG integration - best practices

      Hi everyone,

      I am from the Endeca side and I know a bit about ATG but not that much.

      I want to know a few things:

      - Why when I add a new property in dev studio it is not showing in the reference store app but it is showing in the endeca_jspref app?
      - Why is ATG overriding the Endeca sort handler? Is there a benefit?
      - Why can't we just get the data from ATG and server the presentation layer with the Endeca framework?

      I don't need a big technical answers but more opinions.

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          Branchbird - Pat
          Hi Luc,

          I feel your pain, I'll try and answer your individual questions and give you my take as an Oracle partner and longtime "Endeca guy".

          1) There are actually two forge processes that occur in an ATG/Endeca Baseline update. The first one is a FCM-enabled Forge that gets data out of ATG and builds a whole host of additional properties/dimensions and other configuration and augments what you have in your "standard" pipeline. My guess is that if you have additional items in your standard pipeline, then ATG doesn't know about them and it needs to be informed somehow in order for it to show up in the reference store app.

          2) Not sure. I'd probably just pull it out and replace it with Endeca.

          3) I'm pretty sure this is possible but it's unclear how much ATG "infrastructure" you would need to make that happen. As an Endeca guy, that's what makes the most sense to me as well.

          Generally, the documentation on the integration seems biased towards including "bits and bobs" of Endeca in a monolithic ATG site not a "meet in the middle" ATG/Endeca integration or a "here's how to integrate ATG in an Endeca site". We've been trying to cut through that and come up with the path you're talking about in question 3 at the moment on our blog . Getting enough familiarity with ATG has been the biggest barrier to making that happen. Prior to the Endeca acquisition, ATG integrations typically involved getting data out of the catalog and that was the end, not a lot of front-end integration work was necessary (maybe, add to cart links, acct. mgmt. links, etc.) so it's a bit of a brave new world.

          Hope that helps,

          Patrick Rafferty
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            It really does thank you.

            I feel better to know that I am not the only one.

            Regarding additional properties through Dev Studio, which are not available in my web store (not available in the ${record.attributes['new_added_property_from_dev_studio']} List), an ATG colleague told me it was because I did not add it in the product-sku-output-config.xml file...

            Well if this is really the case, can you imagine a webstore having many external sources other that ATG???? How do we go around that? What is the role of dev studio in such an integration?
            To me, It would be a maintenance hell. I hope we are wrong on this one.


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              Hi ,

              I am exactly looking for this stuff, i have my webstore where half the data comes from non-atg sources. Now we are planning for ATG-Endeca integration for our store where ATG data will be pulled using Integration framework and remaining externall feeds come direclty to endeca.

              Can you tell us how did you went through your approach?

              A document kind of thing would be more helpful. I coudnt get much out of PDF given by Oracle.

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                Were u able to get a breakthrough for your problem mentioned above? I am facing the same issue. Please help.