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    Problem in Clint_Host

      Hi Experts,

      Using Client_Host i am executing MS-DOS commands.
      While executing black screen coming.
      I am using NO_SCREEN option also. then also command prompt screen blinking.
      Below is the sample code:
      CLIENT_HOST('CMD /C COPY C:\'||:parameter.repfilename||' \\\IISMailAttach\', NO_SCREEN);

      Please do the needful to avoid the black screen.
      My forms Version is 10g.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Frist, the NO_SCREEN arg is ignored as it is no longer used. If you are seeing a DOS window which appears to just be "waiting", likely it is. My guess is that the requested remote server cannot be found or there is a permissions issue accessing it. Generally, speaking working with remote machines via WebUtil would be considered "not supported". However, in most cases the underlying cause of the problem is related to a security restriction imposed by the OS on the source or destination machine (depending on exactly what you are doing).

          I have tested what you are doing in my environment using and JRE 1.6.0_37 and it appears to work correctly. In my case, however I am calling a remote machine by name rather than IP address. I would recommend the following:

          1. Use the remote machine name instead of the IP. This will likely only work if the machine name is DNS registered.

          2. Verify that you can perform the same action from the failing client machine directly from a DOS shell.

          3. To help determine if permissions is an issue, try copy a file from the client back to the same client. For example:
          CLIENT_HOST('CMD /C COPY C:\somefile.txt \\TheSameMachine\copied.txt');
          4. Also consider this:
          WEBUTIL_HOST.HOST('CMD /C COPY C:\somefile.txt \\TheSameMachine\copied.txt');
          WEBUTIL_HOST includes other variations. Refer to the documentation or the actual WebUtil package for more details.
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            I have full access to remote server.
            I tried below one als:

            WEBUTIL_HOST.HOST('CMD /C COPY C:\somefile.txt \\TheSameMachine\copied.txt');

            then also black screen coming and going.

            Please do the needful how to avoid the black screen.
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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
              In the future, please do not post without including all of the products and their versions related to the issue. In your case, it likely would be helpful to know the complete Forms version (10g is not a version number), webutil version, JRE version, OS of source machine, OS of target machine, etc

              Regardless of whether the task was successfully completed or not, you likely will not be able to prevent a DOS window from display, even if just for a moment. The NO_SCREEN option is no longer available.

              As for your failure, have you attempted to execute exactly the same command from a DOS windows? If so, what was the result? Also, be sure that you are using Forms or newer and WebUtil

              As I mentioned, attempting to access via UNC naming is generally not recommended. I would suggest you consider an alternative way to move files from one machine to another. For example, ftp
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                Thanks for Info.

                Please do the needful how to transfer using FTP.
                Please do the needful.

                I am new to this Webutil.
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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                  Using FTP has nothing to do with Forms or even Oracle. You need to first figure out how to use ftp outside of the Oracle products. Then you can apply what you've learned into your form. Try:


                  For something Oracle Forms specific, take a look at MyOracleSupport note 430222.1
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                    on the dos prompt of the client machine on which your are running app through browser just type below
                    c:\>CMD /C COPY C:\myfile.txt \\\mydir\c.txt

                    then check what happens if the file is copied then the following command will definetely execute
                    other wise you will get the error which forces the forms to block the dos black screen to blink

                    CLIENT_HOST('CMD /C COPY C:\'||:parameter.repfilename||' \\\IISMailAttach\', NO_SCREEN);