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    Migrating an EPMA Planning app to returns an error

      I'm facing an issue migrating from 11.1.4 to, a non-classic Planning app. These are the steps I took:

      1- Use batch generator to create an ads file
      2- create 2 SQL databases (one as a temp which will get discarded and the other a permanent one)
      3- create a planning app with the datasource pointing to the temp SQL table
      4- build the planning app from the ads - verify that the app's dimensions are correct in the app library
      5- deploy and ensure that the source and destination outlines match
      6- change the datasource to point to the permanent SQL table
      7- copy the source SQL table to the permanent SQL table
      8- recycle the services
      9- deploy
      10- logon to Planning and select migrate
      This is the step I get an error saying "there was a problem migrating. Refer to the error log file". And thus I cannot log on to the app within Planning. Normally, the ads file would suffice, but this app has too many forms, and thus, I'm hoping for a smoother migration.
      Any help is greatly appreciated...? Many thanks.